• Congratulations to Barrow County Professional Fire Fighters President Rob Aldred for his Firefighter of the Year award from the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioners Office. Rob joined Barrow County Emergency Services 6 years ago and has used his time in the department to help make it a great department.
    • From CBS-46

      The city of Fairburn has terminated a firefighter recovering from cancer he may have contracted on the job. 

      "I do feel a little bit betrayed by the city," said Jason Trotter, 36, an eight-year veteran of the Fairburn Fire Department. 

      by Jim Daws

      Friends and Supporters,

      Your firefighters need your help.

      Each year in Georgia, firefighters are terminated by their employers after suffering occupation-caused illnesses, including heart and lung conditions, contagious diseases and cancers.

      by Stephen Borders, 

      This is a compelling message on the pay inequities for Atlanta fire fighters and emphasizes why it’s important to retain veteran fire fighters to ensure public safety.